Hip Hop is breaking out across the Fitzroy Valley

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About 500 children from throughout the Fitzroy Valley took part in hip-hop workshops during a month long tour by artists from Indigenous Hip Hop Projects (IHHP). 

Indighiphop pro logoThe tour, funded by the Fitzroy-based Yapawarnti Fund, Yiyili School and IHHP was an exciting and excellent opportunity for the Fitzroy children.

IHHP has been inspiring kids from communities around Australia since 2007 and recently partnered with Youth beyondblue to share the message on suicide prevention.

About 50 children from the remote community of Kadjina, about 100 km from Fitzroy, have already spent a week with the dance troupe which goes around the country teaching children self esteem, courage and respect through dance.

“I am so privileged to be  in the Kimberley working in these communities. So much talent and scuddahip hop dancing. I love returning to Yiyili to visit all my friends and family who I will never be able to thank enough for inspiring me to start Indigenous hip Hop Projects way back in 2005,” said Dion Brownfield, of IHHP.

“I am working again with elder Mervin Street and we have taught all the boys in Yiyili the “MawirriMawirri” Palm Springs, Gooniandi Traditional Dance. The Dance is about the small man spirits and has been passed onto Mervin from his ancestor’s. This is the first time I have seen strong traditional cultural dance in Yiyili in the eight years I have been working with the community.

Yapawarnti Fund Chairman Patrick Green, also the chairman of Fitzroy’s Marra Worra Worra Resource Agency and Leedal, said the Fund was proud to be supporting an initiative that brought the children such joy but also kept them fit and healthy.

“We look forward to working with IHHP in the future to produce some wonderful new Hip Hop talent from Fitzroy. The Yapawarnti Fund Incorporated is a not-for-profit association set up in 2010 by Leedal to support programs and events that benefit the youth of Fitzroy Valley and support the social and economic development of the region.

For more information about IHHP go to www.facebook.com/Indigenoushiphopprojects


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