Specky Dreaming

up thereSpecky Dreaming comes to town

It's a new football phenomenon that involves inflatable equipment, lots of fun and demands a lot of energy. And it is coming to Fitzroy this Easter.

Specky Dreaming 'Footy Frenzy' is a highly engaging free football event hosted by Specky Dreaming and supported by Yaparwarnti. Garnduwa is also contributing with the use of the oval for two hours each evening from Tuesday, 22 April to Friday, 25 April. The kick-off for the fun is 5pm and closing time is 7pm.

Make sure you get involved.

the smilesThe program includes interactive work stations within a circuit.
The equipment includes:

  • Specky Machine (Running, coordination, jumping, timing and balance, enhance marking skills)
  • Agility Challenge (Agility, flexibility, speed, coordination, core strength)
  • 3 Way Climbing Wall (Balance, coordination, strength, core strength, agility, speed)
  • Handball Target (Technique, left and right coordination, skill development)
  • Vertical Jump Test (Timing, power, strength)
  • Inflatable Goals (left and Right kicking, concentration, fundamentals of goal kicking)
  • Bin Kicking Challenge (Concentration, kicking left and right foot, hand eye and foot coordination and balance, timing, technique and accuracy)
  • 6 Tackle Men (Fundamentals of tackling, speed, strength and fun!)
  • Marking Drill (Positioning, training, technique)
  • Mini Game (Game simulation, rules and game plays)

Specky dayThe Yapawarnti Fund is a proud supporter of this event. TheFund is set up to invest in the youth of Fitzroy Crossing and surroundingcommunities. Leedal Pty Ltd provides the funding for Yapawarnti but welcomes contributions. For more information, go to "Donate Now" on our website.

For more information, contact Specky Dreaming's Dion Brownfield on 0429924727




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