About Us

About Leedal

Leedal Pty Ltd is one of Western Australia’s leading Indigenous-owned organisations and plays an important role in the economic development of Fitzroy Crossing.

There are six beneficiaries of the Fitzroy Crossing Trust of which Leedal Pty Ltd is the trustee. The beneficiaries are Marra Worra Worra Aboriginal Corporation, Junjuwa Community Incorporated, Kurnangki Aboriginal Corporation, Bayulu Community Incorporated, Kadjina Community Incorporated and Yiyili Community Indigenous Corporation.

Today, The Trust operates two successful tourist businesses in Fitzroy Crossing, these being the Fitzroy River Lodge and the Kimberley’s oldest and most historic pub, the Crossing Inn. These are operated responsibly and under strict alcohol restrictions.

Leedal also owns and operates key town facilities such as the local IGA supermarket and the Fitzroy Crossing Post Office.


Leedal first began in 1989 with a loan from the Aboriginal Development Commission (which later became ATSIC and subsequently Indigenous Business Australia). 

The key objectives at the time, which remain our guiding principles today, were to increase the level of Aboriginal employment in the Fitzroy Valley, develop the economic base of the region and introduce some control over alcohol consumption through the implementation of restrictions.

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What we do

Leedal operates six businesses in Fitzroy Crossing and holds other assets including rental properties. Leedal, as trustee for the Fitzroy Crossing Trust, is owned and directed by the six beneficiaries. They are:
  • Junjuwa Community Incorporated
  • Kurnangki Aboriginal Corporation
  • Marra Worra Worra Aboriginal Corporation
  • Kadjina Community Incorporated
  • Bayulu Community Incorporated
  • Yiyili Community Incorporated
The businesses are:
  • Tarunda IGA
  • Crossing Inn
  • The Fitzroy River Lodge
  • Fitzroy Crossing
  • Licenced Post Office
  • Tarunda Caravan Park
  • Tarunda Takeaway


The Board of Leedal consists of six directors representing the beneficiaries of the Fitzroy Crossing Trust and an independent external director.The governance of the organisation is paramount because Leedal wants to ensure that the communities of the Fitzroy Valley and key stakeholders can rely on the integrity of The Trust. To this end the directors have implemented a number of actions including:
  • The Trust, including all parts of the business, are subject to annual audit by registered external auditors.
  • A monthly directors’ package is prepared containing financial statements for all parts of the group.
  • Directors have received governance and directorship training. An Annual Budget is prepared and compared to actual on a monthly basis.
  • Quarterly Directors’ meetings include strategic reviews of business units and community input.
  • Fitzroy River Lodge holds a quarterly partnership committee meeting.